Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Spirit Dog Waggin' " is the "On The Road", virtual partner of We are utterly devoted to the healing life experiences shared between human and animal.

This blog will begin with the real life events shared between the beloved companion "Attah Waya of Ridgewood", who was the motivating force behind the foundation of the dog training business, "GCD" and it's business owner, "Diane "Standing Wolf" Collins, whose life was transformed because of her.

May this blog act as an honorarium of sorts to the gentle "Attah Waya".

Our "On The Road" journey begins in Spring 2009, at which time Diane will venture out on a yearlong sojourn into the wilds of this continent as she explores the memory of life with Attah. In addition to the writing of this extraordinary story in book form, Attah's story will be told to new clients and animal rescue organizations and shelters across the U.S. as GCD takes Canine Communication on the road.

The hope is to delve into the mystery of what moves beyond the physical form and the known, measurable aspects of canine / human communication and into the unexpected, startling universe of the deeper knowing shared by both our species that transcends the limits of the physical and the linear mind.

You will find here the extraordinary experiences that lead to the initiation of this unexpected shift in personal and professional goals of the founder of Good Companion Dogs.

The most profound influence upon this shift can be credited to the passing of the afore mentioned, dearest of companion animals, "Attah Waya" (aka; Young Lady Wolf) of Ridgewood.

We are often impacted by the profound and subtle influences of the teachers in our midst. For many of us these teachers take unlikely forms. In this journal you will have the great fortune of breathing in aspects of the extraordinary being that continues to share her wisdom through memory and influence beyond the veil of death.

... "I am learning that veil can be lifted from time to time. ... I can thank "Attah" for that recognition."
- Diane "Standing Wolf" Collins, Nov 8, 2008

As I prepare for my upcoming year long (or longer) departure from ordinary life... and split my life between my 21' Toyota Dolphin; my new little "Toy Home" and the last vestiges of my philadelphia living, ... my postings may be infrequent. But, I hope to record all the preparations and unfolding stories that will initiate and solidify the powerful journey on which I am about to embark.

Please, have patience with me..


HeatherRemembers said...

I look forward, in eager anticipation to hearing how your journey unfolds. How exciting!!!Thanks for sharing with us. XXX

Annette said...

1st, It was wonderful meeting you and hearing your story', So many of my Family and Friends think that I am crazy and Insane regarding my Kita & Sebastian, it is so wonderful to know that others have a connection with their furry companions like I do.

Yona, is a magnificent creature and it was an absolute pleasure watching him play with Sebastian.

You are a Fantastic story teller' and I enjoyed our conversation so much', It touched me and brought out some many emotions that I try so very hard to lock away' and it felt "Great" to just let them out and feel your pain and love for your companion and your honesty I searched for your blog and finally located it and was mesmerized by your words' I want to continue reading' YOU MUST write more' I am so looking forward to more =)

Hope to see you and Yona in the Park again'

Cannot wait for a new entry' or a publication to purchase'

and Remember' listen to every sign that the universe sends your way' you have such a natural ability to see things clearly' and KNOW what you are supposed to do, don't let something as interfering as "rationality" get in the way or make a dislussion of what the sign truly represents', You KNOW, follow your instint, don't block it with logic or sencond guess yourself' leave the window open' and be exactly what the universe wants and needs you to be........

It was a pleasure' and I cannot wait to be able to read more and follow you and Yona's journey......
Thank you, so much for this opportunity


Animal Conscious is BORN!

Animal Conscious is BORN!
The New Mobile Business is Solidifying... website to come.